Launch Day!

Here it is! Today's the day our store opens!

Ever since legalization here in Massachusetts I've been excited. I've attended as many conventions as possible to meet new people and learn all I could. The people I have met at these events are so ambitious, giving and creative. I've been inspired about this since attending NECANN in March.

One thing I noticed though is there's really no clothing to purchase. Nothing that doesn't have a giant pot leaf, tie-dyed or a crude message on it. Not something you can be taken seriously in.

So I spent this past summer working hard on subtle cannabis designs that I could one day put on at t-shirt. These designs are themed around fun characters. Each character represents an element of marijuana. Each design has is own personality and color that make it unique.

So, after 6 months of preparation and anxiety, I am pleased to announce my brand, Subtle Trees.

No tie-dye, no pot leaves, and no dancing bears.