Subtly Cannabis Themed Shirts

No tie-dye, no pot leaves, and no dancing bears.

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What is Subtle Trees?

In November of 2017, marijuana was legalized in the state of Massachusetts. Being curious and brand new to this scene we jumped at the chance to attend all the conventions that were now popping up in our state. Our minds were blown.

Here were scientists, environmentalists, doctors, nurses, gardeners, chefs, bakers, and engineers! We truly did not realize how bad the stoner stereotype is until we met all these people that didn't fit that mold at all.

We also noticed that there was a very limited supply of cannabis themed clothing. Clothing that further perpetuated the inaccurate stereotype. All these amazing people and this is all they have to wear that represents them?

In November of 2018 we created this brand with a few simple rules to follow.

No giant pot leaves. No tie-dye. No obnoxious/crude sayings. 

This brand combines our love of illustration with cannabis.  Each shirt we've designed hosts a unique character that represents a cannabis related product. These characters have personalities that are conveyed through the design that surrounds them. We want to give other enthusiasts something unique and creative to wear that they love and not get immediately identified as a "stoner" and all the misgivings that come with that.